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Application For Credit

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    I (we) certify that all the information on this form is correct. I (we) hereby authorize ESP Salon Sales to investigate all bank and trade references listed herein. I (we) fully understand ESP Salon Sales account policy and I (we) will abide by the "Term & Conditions" as set forth below. I (we) personally guarantee all purchases will be paid in full and on time. Credit Account Policy: Credit will only be extended when an ESP Credit Application is completed by the business owner(s). Our Credit Application does require the signing of a personal guarantee by the business owner(s). Terms and Conditions: 1. Terms are net 30 days. 2. Payment is due on or defore the 15th of the month following the purchase. An isterest rate of 2% per month (24% per annum) will be charged on past due accounts. 3. NSF cheques are subject to a $20.00 surcharge. Any accounts that have 2 NSF cheques will no longer be able to write cheques payable to ESP Salon Sales, but instead pay by VISA, MasterCard, money orders or cash. 4. Customers with balances 60-90 days past due will be placed on credit hold. Accounts will only be re-opened and shipped when payment arrangements are made with the ESP Credit Manager. Merchandise Return Policy 1. No returns on Cosmetics 2. All returnable merchandise may be returned for full credit within 60 days of the time of purchase, when the following conditions are met: a) Merchandise must be in good clean saleable condition. b) Price stickers must be completely removed. c) No goods may be returned without prior authorization by ESP Salon Sales, and must be accompanied by the invoice number and date of purchase. 3. Saleable merchandise over the 60 day limit and under 90 days will be subject to a 25% restocking fee. 4. ESP Salon Sales will not accept merchandise for credit over 90 days from the date of purchase. 5. If a salon is going out of business, we will accept merchandise for credit if the merchandise meets the return policy criteria. (under this circumstance, a restocking fee of 25% will be assessed). Non-Returnable Merchandise Includes: Cosmetics / Hair Pieces and Extensions / Unsealed Earrings - all for Health reasons / Special ordered merchandise - items specifically ordered for a client / Clearance/Final Sale items
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